Get to know us

Anybody who knows me, knows that I'm a self-confessed craft junkie! I'm all about up-cycling and I hate throwing anything away....just ask my husband.

The Artisan Co-Op Store was a dream...way back in 2018. I was desperate to show off my up-cycled creations to the world.

The seed had been planted and all good things take time. The Artisan Co-Op Store in Eastbourne, Wellington was opened in November 2019 by Susanne Auker, that's me!

So, a little bit about me....I'm a wife, mother of 2 amazing daughters and nan to 9 incredibly special grandies. Without their love, support, and encouragement, this would not have been possible.

Having a background in Finance and Photography has played an instrumental part to the success in the set-up and planning of the store and will continue to do so as the store continues grow.

The Artisan Co-Op Store is home to a range of talented New Zealand Artisan's. Each artist has their unique style of creativity, bringing a diverse range of products to the store. From Designer Streetwear and Infants Vintage Clothing to Kawakawa Healing Balms and Handcrafted Soaps. If you are looking for a NZ gift to send overseas, we are also home to a range of New Zealand themed Home Dcor products. It's more than a's a destination.

We are small and we know we are special, and these little things that count...but we are big on supporting our local community and providing our clients with outstanding customer service.

If, you would like to sell your products through the Artisan Co-Op Store, please send us an email to

"We visited this beautiful wee shop today on a recent trip to Wellington (NZ). So many gorgeous unique things one just has to have!! And all NZ made. We were pretty rushed for time but in hindsight that was probably a good thing!! Although between the 3 of us we did pretty good. Their earrings are divine.....just saying. Love your shop - keep up the great work."

Lisa Orevich, Gold Coast Australia